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Terms and Conditions

Maddy Foxx Moffitt LLC Terms & Conditions
Maddy Foxx Moffitt, an independent affiliate of CSB Travel and a member of Virtuoso, is delighted to help you curate your dream trip! We create customized itineraries to include everything from accommodations and transfers to activities and adventures along the way. We understand the importance of having an organized itinerary as well as one that meets the needs of each individual traveler. As your advisor, we strive to work with you in order to create the perfect trip and monitor your travels along the way.
Consultation FeeWe charge an upfront, nonrefundable consultation fee to cover the time taken to create a customized itinerary for your vacation. This includes researching, planning, and following through on your trip until you return home. This fee varies based largely on the complexity of the trip and the number of destinations you want to experience. The minimum fee is $200 to organize everything from tours, transfers, hotels, and more. When using our preferred properties, such as those in the Virtuoso portfolio, you'll receive added value in the form of amenities and upgrades.
FAQs + REMINDERS:- MFM business hours are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST.- MFM will respond to inquiries and requests during the aforementioned business hours.- Unscheduled calls may not be answered unless they are urgent.- Please direct travel-related questions or concerns via email and not via text or social media to ensure all requests are properly organized and executed.
IMPORTANT NOTE:Last-minute changes to itineraries or additions made within 15 days of travel will incur a minimum $50 charge per change. The cost may increase based on the complexity of the request.
Air Travel- Domestic Air Ticket: $50 per person- International Air Ticket: $100 per person
COVID WAIVER LEGAL NOTICE AND TERMS OF USE:ASTA owns the federal copyrights in the information provided in this document. Only members in good standing may use this information in connection with their business activities. REDISTRIBUTION OR DISCLOSURE OF THIS INFORMATION TO ANY NON-ASTA MEMBER IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This information isn't intended as legal advice. Members are advised to consult with legal counsel before relying on it. ASTA doesn't represent or warrant the enforceability of this waiver in any jurisdiction. Misuse of this document results in a $7,500 liability to ASTA.
SAMPLE COVID-19 TRAVEL WAIVER (Travel Disruptions)On the date indicated below, I asked Maddy Foxx Moffitt LLC with CSB Travel to make one or more travel bookings for me. Given the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, I recognize that my travel plans might be disrupted or cancelled by a supplier, government entity, or another third party. The supplier's cancellation, rebooking, and refund policies will determine my rights and remedies. I understand that any travel insurance policy I purchase will dictate my coverage. By signing below, I release and hold the Agency harmless from any damages or losses I may suffer due to these disruptions or cancellations.

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