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Maddy Moffitt

About Maddy Moffitt

Since college, I have studied abroad in London, been to some of the most beautiful Golf courses in Scotland and Ireland, seen Thailand with my best friend, spent a month in Australia/New Zealand, eaten my way through Italy, honeymooned in Bora Bora, explored Greece and had the opportunity to experience Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, Prague, South Africa, France and many more of the amazing places travel can introduce us to.
I know the importance of having an organized itinerary as well as one that meets the needs of each individual type of traveler. As your travel advisor, I strive to make customized trips and help create the full experience each person is looking for within their travels. With unlimited access to Virtuoso, exclusive benefits, elite global travel partners, and many experienced advisors, I am here to customize trips and help bring to life the full experience each person is looking for within their travels.

About Neelie Shore

Since 2012, the beginning of my career in Hospitality, I have been privileged to grow in various areas of the industry. Whether it has been working in-house at the luxurious Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills accommodating stays for guests like the Saudi royal family; representing all of Mandarin Oriental’s 36 worldwide luxury properties through regional sales; or most recently facilitating international operations & logistics to ensure that hotels across the U.S. can provide quality stays for their guests. I am grateful for the holistic understanding of what it takes to ensure the highest-level service for travelers. The reason I am not still on the hotel side? Life is hectic and unpredictable. To be a true hotelier, one must dedicate themselves to the property 110%. I am a mother of young children that wanted to stay within hospitality, but also be present in the lives of those that I love. Plus, these kiddos have more days off than they do on!
Curating trips for clients, brings me joy and honor. I get to play a part in building forever memories, and what is more cherished than that?!

Neelie Shore
Julia Harvard Robertson

About Julia Harvard Robertson

Over the past 15 years, I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world. From golfing in Scotland, exploring Australia, attending cooking school in Italy, honeymooning in Paris, to boating in the British Virgin Islands, I have been able to experience many incredible adventures. In college, I had a passion for medicine and helping people, so I pursued a career in nursing. After 6 years of nursing, I realized I wanted to help people in a different way, through travel! I never knew that my career in nursing would help me as a travel coordinator, but being trained to focus on the little things and make sure all details are precise and accurate, I have found my new passion constructing incredible trips for people.

About Lisi Garcia

For me, the joy of travel goes beyond visiting bucket-list destinations: It's about creating lasting memories and bonds between family members and friends, no matter where you are. When I was a child, my world-traveling parents instilled within me a deep appreciation for local culture. They stressed the importance of learning about the lifestyle, foods and traditions of places we visited - from London to Belgium to South Africa, and many places in between. We spent summers with our family in Greece, and holidays hopping around Europe. The Bahamas is another place that is near and dear to my heart; my dad is a Bahamian diplomat, and I met my husband there.

Now that I am a mom of two young kids myself, I am looking forward to crafting those experiences for my own family - and for yours! I specialize in deep-diving the local culture of various destinations, and can create unforgettable trips for a variety of groups at a variety of price points.

As demonstrated by my 10-year career as a fitness instructor and Director of Operations at Houston's premier boutique cycling studio RYDE, I am passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and demonstrating impeccable customer service. I enjoy interfacing with clients and building longterm relationships. I also have a deep understanding of how travel can bring people together both literally and figuratively. I can't wait to tailor-make your next vacation.

Lisa Garcia
Morgan Hanley

About Morgan Hanley

I have been fortunate to visit so many amazing places due to the love for travel my parents instilled in me. They taught me that travel enhances one's ability to understand and appreciate the various cultures throughout the world. The overwhelming beauty of experiencing new places has always captivated me, and I love imagining myself as a local and thinking how different life would look.

For years, I searched for a job that excited me more than planning my next trip. After a decade reading countless travel articles, researching dreamy hotels and authentically unique restaurants, and planning various 5-star getaways for my family and friends, I have decided to turn my passion into my career!

My love for travel is matched by my love for planning. When booking through me, you can expect my commitment in perfecting every single detail of your travel experience, whether it's a quick weekend retreat or a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

I cannot wait to plan your next getaway!

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